Sustainable construction

Build for the future.
Preserve meadows and forests.
Wood Cube - Sustainable BUILDING MATERIAL
#1 Build with SOLID WOOD WOOD CUBEs beloved building material wood is a natural part of sustainable construction. Wood has a positive effect on indoor climate and on people. Interior wooden surfaces are comfortable, warm and create an excellent indoor air quality*.
*Health interaction between WOOD - HUMAN - SPACE, metastudy of the TU Munich 2020)

And the good thing is: Every cubic meter of wood stores 1 ton of CO₂ as it grows! In a standard WOOD CUBE are installed about 11 m3 of wood, which means that a WOOD CUBE stores three times more CO2 than a conventional timber frame construction.The wood used comes exclusively from sustainable forestry.

In the choice of our building materials, we are constantly on the lookout for even better, more energy-efficient, ecological but also low-maintenance building materials. Thus, each WOOD CUBE becomes a valuable contribution in the protection of our environment.
Wood Cube - Sustainable CONSTRUCTION
#2 Sustainable CONSTRUCTION Sustainable construction means for us that in case of building the WOOD CUBE on screw foundations, ideally no area is sealed.

The WOOD CUBE house is expandable or downsizeable even years after purchase. So no concrete deserts are created and your WOOD CUBE can be flexibel adapted to the needs of future generations. It can be completely deconstructed or transported to another location even years later.

This is the most important pillar of our sustainability. We preserve meadows and forests by actually being able to leave a green field decades later, once the WOOD CUBE house moves somewhere else.
Wood Cube - Sustainable PRODUCTION
#3 Sustainable PRODUCTION The carbon footprint of our production is important for us. 90% of the building materials used by value come from within a radius of less than 100 km from our production sites.
Due to the industrial production in our standardized modular system, we need significantly less truck transports producing our WOOD CUBES than in conventional house construction.

And for our customers, a WOOD CUBE purchase is completely stress-free: everything from a single source, no endless truck deliveries for building materials and finished parts, but simply more turnkey delivery.

There is no planet B.
Prof. Mike Berners-Lee, 2019

Mankind is exploiting nature, the landscape and our environment. Concrete deserts are being created and the sealing of the soil by concrete and asphalt surfaces is seemingly unstoppable. Resulting in natural disasters with devastating floods. WOOD CUBE is contributing to climate protection and a sustainable way of life. For our nature and our children we want to care for the resources of our earth, because it is the only one we have!
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