Build for the future.
Preserve meadows and forests.

WOOD CUBE is modular living.
Made of solid wood. Closer to nature.
A WOOD CUBE is what you want it to be

Expandable and mobile.

Made from sustainable construction material.

As simple as buying a car.
Wood Cube Model X
WOOD CUBE X Series The models of the WOOD CUBE X series offer you any possibilities for a living (dream)space very close to nature. Your opportunities range from realizing a Tiny House, or extending your home with a modern cube to a fully-fledged house that grows with you, for singles, couples and families. Learn more
Wood Cube Model T
WOOD CUBE T Series The WOOD CUBE T series - the Tiny House entirely according to your wishes. The perfect chalet for alpine regions, but also an irresistible eye-catcher in urban areas. Learn more
Wood Cube Model C
WOOD CUBE C Series The WOOD CUBE C Series - the container made of wood as a sustainable alternative to the conventional construction container. Less electricity required, more feeling of space, wood instead of plastic - that's the main purpose of sustainable climate protection! For commercial and public infrastructures for sale or rent - fully building permit-capable. Learn more
Wood Cube Model H
WOOD CUBE H Series The WOOD CUBE H Series - the first sophisticated construction system for temporary hotels, residential or office buildings. Build your own pop-up hotel, employee residence or office building from ready-made room modules. As quick and easy as buying a car. Deliver today - move in tomorrow. Learn more

Sustainable construction by WOOD CUBE

There is no planet B.
Prof. Mike Berners-Lee, 2019

Mankind is exploiting nature, the landscape and our environment. Concrete deserts are being created and the sealing of the soil by concrete and asphalt surfaces is seemingly unstoppable. Resulting in natural disasters with devastating floods.

WOOD CUBE is contributing to climate protection and a sustainable way of life. For our nature and our children we want to care for the resources of our earth, because it is the only one we have!
Learn more

Customer opinions:

Achim M.
Home Office in the backyard, X33 Style, Graz (A):
„Working together with WOOD CUBE went according to plan. Today i work every day in my cube and I feel good all around.“

Roland E.
Temporary building, X15 Combination 8x, Altdorf (CH):
„The WOOD CUBE solution offers us a temporary solution, which does not look at all like a temporary solution.“

Holiday flat, X33 ECO, Kleblach (A):
„We felt very comfortable in our WOOD CUBE. The large terrace is great! We also liked the fact that there was enough storage space. We liked the whole complex and and we will come back again!“

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