Sustainable living and working
in harmony with nature.

that's what we stand for.


We owe a large part of our success to our employees. Get to know our teams - and maybe even your new colleagues.

Wood Cube - Andrea Binggeli
Andrea Binggeli Andrea Binggeli, the most persistent CEO ever. "Everyone said it couldn't be done until someone came along, who didn't know and did it". With passion and consistency, Andrea has built WOOD CUBE in the early years and learned a lot from customers about how a WOOD CUBE should look and function. Today she is the creative brain in the team and market manager for Switzerland and International.
Wood Cube Schweiz - Lars Schumacher
Lars Schumacher Lars Schumacher - the thoroughbred entrepreneur and also a horticultural expert. Lars helps us to really stage every WOOD CUBE on every property. The WOOD CUBE idea as a sustainable room solution very close to nature, Lars was immediately enthusiastic and we are glad we were able to we win Lars for the management Switzerland based in Biel! With Lars as market manager for Switzerland and Germany together with his quick-witted team, WOOD CUBE will rock Switzerland!
Wood Cube David Paci
David Paci David Paci, Head of Market Austria and Communications. Through his many years of experience in web management at an international Electronics group and its practical relevance in residential construction, he can use his technical know-how in the development, processing and sales process of our WOOD CUBEs. "The customer comes first." With this credo he organizes the process from the first contact until our happy customers move in. With his considered and balancing nature, he is the perfect addition to our team!
Wood Cube Astrid Schönlau
Astrid Schönlau Astrid Schönlau - our irreplaceable employee in the sales team the areas of back office, Sales Support and Operations. As an all-rounder, Astrid runs our office, our team, supervises projects, processes customer inquiries and manages .... almost everything. She loves the great freedom of design, the flexible structures and lives the WOOD CUBE philosophy - targeted organization in a sustainable work environment.
Wood Cube Johanna Iseli
Johanna Iseli Johanna Iseli - heads the back office in Switzerland and has many years of sound experience in customer service and sales. As an indispensable part of the Swiss team, she organizes the process of customer communication and sales processing, efficiently and structured way of working are her top priority. Johanna is the first point of contact and our customers appreciate her professional, innovative Working method more than enthusiastic!
Wood Cube Andrea Miguel
Andrea Miguel Andrea Miguel - the do-it-yourselfer in Switzerland. Organizes the entire administration in Biel and holds freeing up the management so that Lars Schumacher can focus on sales and advice can concentrate. Thanks to you With many years of experience in the B2C sector, she is not only good at administration but also dealing with customers.
Wood Cube Joseph Gansger
Joseph Gansger Joseph Gansger, our versatile product designer with a degree in architecture is an indispensable part of the WOOD CUBE fleet. He sails our projects unerringly and without beating around the bush to success and can benefit from many years of experience in the agency sector. Joseph optimizes all relevant technical Processes between designer and client - his special areas are both model standardization and further development our WOOD CUBEs.
Dalibor Stojakovic
Dalibor Stojakovic Dalibor Stojakovic, our absent-minded but all the more ingenious 3D model crack. We love Dalibor's willingness to perform and constant striving for faster-higher-further. According to the motto "Work hard, Play hard" it's also a lot of fun to work in a team to constantly improve 3D models as well as standardization and visualization - to become the best 3D model agency in the world for our in the world for our WOOD CUBE customers. His areas of responsibility are our "3D model fleet" management as well as the interface to planning offices and architects.
Wood Cube Masoud
Masoud Alirezaee Our newcomer Masoud is a true master of his craft. The talented architect and technical draftsman dares to tackle every project, no matter how demanding, and creatively offers inspiring solutions in 3D visualization. Tricky room layouts are his specialty, with flexibility and commitment Masoud is an indispensable addition for the WOOD CUBE team.
Wood Cube John Tyborski
John Tyborski John Tyborski, our meticulous 3D model expert from the north. He is deep into our 3D models and now has a lot of experience. Besides his engagement at the FH Kärnten architecture program, John supports us in adapting our 3D models to customer customer requirements. This allows us to quickly and effectively implement the requirements of our requirements of our customers and thus come a step closer to our goal "As easy as buying a car". His area of responsibility is the 3D model development and visualization of our WOOD CUBEs.


The world is spinning faster and faster, people are burnt out, even on vacation no real relaxation sets in ...

. How can I enjoy nature and create a place of retreat and relaxation for my family? How can I live on vacation without stress, completely reduced, sustainable? These were the questions I asked myself when I moved with my family from Switzerland back to Austria more than 3 years ago and a small property with a beautiful view became our own.

As chance would have it, I met a visionary entrepreneur from the wood industry through a non-profit initiative. from the wood industry, who supported my idea of mobile, sustainable housing units. The idea of the WOOD CUBE was born: a mobile Tiny House made of solid wood - stable in value, of high quality in design and construction, with large window fronts for relaxing views of nature - energy self-sufficient if desired!

With an architectural firm, the first prototypes were developed in 2016/2017. Today the WOOD CUBE a well thought-out, industrially manufactured, high-quality life-style product. Together with our development partners in industrial wood processing, prefabricated house construction and in the field of renewable energies, we work every day with heart and soul to make the dream of the "self-sufficient, stress-free living very close to nature" becomes a reality for you, for us, for everyone.

I thank all development partners and the WOOD CUBE team, that we write the WOOD CUBE Story together and we are thankful that with each WOOD CUBE we come a little closer to the sustainable style of living.

Andrea Binggeli, CEO, 2018

The future is green. Make it happen!

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