The first sophisticated construction
system for temporary hotels, residential or office buildings.
As a further development of the C series, more individual buildings can be realized in the H series.
Local space conditions or structural requirements are often such that series implementation C is not possible. Ideal for school, kindergarten makeshift, staff dormitories or offices, however so high-quality and beautifully built that it doesn't look like a temporary solution and possibly a long-term one use passes.

Wood Cube Model H
H35_Hostel 14 beds| 6 bathrooms |
1 kitchen | 210 m2
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Wood Cube Model H
H35_Pop Up Restaurant 20 seats| 2 x toilets|
1 kitchen | 105 m2
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Wood Cube Model H
H35_Kindergarten 2 group rooms| 2 x toilets|
1 kitchen | 140 m2
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