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FAQs: The most frequently asked questions about buying and installing your WOOD CUBE

If your question is not answered here, simply email us your question at info@wood-cube.com. Policies and requirements may vary by country and location. All information is without guarantee.

Building Permit / Installation

What permits do I need for a WOOD CUBE?

Normally, all WOOD CUBEs in Austria, Germany and Switzerland need a building permit. The building regulations vary from region to region - yes, depending on the size and usage concept, the WOOD CUBE could be could be permit-free or only subject to building notification. Simply contact the building authority of your municipality - they can give you information. In addition, you need the appropriate connection permits for water and sewage and for electricity, if you do not operate your Cube energy self-sufficient. For water and wastewater your municipality or For water and wastewater your municipality or wastewater association is responsible - for electricity your local power grid operator.

What do I need to do to set up the Cube at my place?

To install your Cube you need the following:

. → Building permit, depending on the size and location, and connection permits

. → Preparation of the site (leveling, gravel bed, connection preparation electricity, water, sewage)

. → Screw foundations, strip foundations or point foundations made of concrete (depending on the location and soil conditions)

→ Local installer and electrician for connection if necessary

. Transport and unloading by mobile construction crane and installation of your Cube on the foundations will be organized by us.

Who organizes the transportation?

We will organize the transportation and the mobile construction crane for unloading. You as the buyer are only responsible to register the day's construction site with the authorities or for any (partial) road closures for the time of of the delivery. We are happy to support you in handling the necessary accompanying measures.

Who connects the WOOD CUBE?

After positioning the WOOD CUBE on the foundations, the WOOD CUBE only needs to be connected to the power and Water line or to the sewer network to be connected. The connection can be easily done by any local plumber and electrician.

What foundation needs to be prepared?

Basically, the WOOD CUBE can be positioned on any foundation that is capable of bearing weight. Depending on the size, the WOOD CUBE has between 6 and 13 tons. When using screw foundations. the ground is not sealed and you can take the foundations with you when you move. Alternatively, strip or point foundations made of concrete are also suitable. Ask a local building contractor for advice on site, which foundation is the most suitable for your property.

Building services


Which heating system to use?

You can heat your WOOD CUBE in many different ways. With infrared heating, heat pump, solar thermal, wood stove or just normal electric heating, the latter may not be allowed due to the application of guidelines for energy efficiency and thermal insulation. may not be allowed. The size, type of use and permit situation of your WOOD CUBE is decisive. We will also be happy to help you clarify this issue.

What average heating costs can I expect?

Heating costs are extremely dependent on your heating design. Often the one-time installation costs of e.g. photovoltaics with battery storage and a small heat pump are high - on the useful life of a of a WOOD CUBEs pays off but under certain circumstances a more expensive initial investment. And WOOD CUBEs live long 😉


How do I get my custom WOOD CUBE?

Think about what your most important requirements are for living in a WOOD CUBE and which model you like best. Then simply get in touch with us and we'll create a you a tailor-made offer. Mailto: info@wood-cube.com

How can I design the inside of my WOOD CUBE?

First of all, you can choose your wall from different types of wood - whether pine, oak or spruce glazed white or yet with wall paint - everything is possible. With the STYLE package you can you can also choose from different kitchen decor variants. The windows are standard in anthracite and thus match practically any interior design. And then, of course, it's your turn, by giving your WOOD CUBE your own personal touch with your furnishings.

Are there other variations available besides the layout examples on the homepage?

. The layout examples shown are our standard designs. In addition to this, however, we have already any amount of other floor plans developed and implemented. Just send us a short mail with your requirements and we will send you back a non-binding offer.

Transportation and delivery

Which countries do we ship to?

We currently ship to all countries in the EU and Switzerland.

How much does transportation cost?

The cost of transportation depends on your location. Her is a list of examples (net, excl. customs duties and special editions - without guarantee):

→ Vienna: approx. EUR 3'200

→ Graz: approx. EUR 2'000

→ Klagenfurt: approx. EUR 1'900

→ Bern, Switzerland: approx. EUR 5'200

We will be happy to check the transport costs for you when making an offer.

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